Termite Control

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Don’t panic when you find termites or evidence of their damage on your property;
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Today, modern termite/white ant control products are more advanced and successful than ever before. However it still requires specialist skills and extensive experience to get it right and avoid the disasters of selecting the wrong termite treatment method or product to suit your situation.

In all termite control situations, before any treatment is considered, an assessment is conducted to determine exactly the extent of the problem and how or which treatment method or product will be the most suited. Determining the most effective termite or pest control treatment is vital in eliminating the attack on your home.

Termite Infestations frequently occur in a wide range of commercial buildings, including food factories, heavy commercial plants, office complexes, storage and warehouse facilities.
Infestations normally penetrate up through expansion joints in slab floors or from surrounding soil areas which butt onto perimeter building alignments.

Termite infestations which occur in commercial buildings can be responsible for causing extensive structural damage to internal fixing within those buildings rendering them unsound or can cause damage to goods in storage.

Treatment solutions can vary, a thorough inspection needs to be carried out prior to any treatment recommendation.

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